There is more and more good news appearing about LED inbouwspots and different types of lights. You have been enjoying your simple warm yellowish color bulbs for ages, but now that can change. LED lights are highly customizable in terms of shape, power usage, type and even color. And now you also have a chance to try smart inbouwspotjes, which could be controlled remotely via your smartphone.

Reasons Why You Should Get Smart Lights for Your House

  • They can be dimmed if needed.
    Some rooms just don’t need that much light or sometimes you don’t feel like making everything too bright. Just a couple years ago you had to install a dimmer or struggle with ever too bright bulbs, but smart inbouw spots dimbaar can save you. Simply dim your bulb when you want something calmer.
  • They can change color.
    You don’t have to buy bulbs of different colors, smart systems already have everything you need pre-installed. This is especially cool if you feel like changing your atmosphere, hosting a party or having a small romantic dinner.
  • Your mood and sleep will improve.
    They can help you regulate your sleep quality with their changing colors. You can have your lights on and still give your body some rest it deserves.
  • They can be your mini-radio.
    Some of these systems are even fancier. For example, you can install these in your room. Spots led will glow and change colors as you’re taking a shower, but they also can play your favorite tunes. This will change your experience with lights forever.
  • You’re in charge.
    It’s just generally nice to be in charge of lights or anything else you have in your house. You can design them your way and not spend a lot on that.
  • It’s just safer.
    Simply turn on your led inbouw spots when you’re not at home and make it look like you are. If you live in a neighborhood where it’s not safe, this is a good option that will save you from a robbery.
  • You can save money.
    Another great thing is that you can actually save money with these smart systems. You don’t have to go to another room to turn off your lights, you can simply do it on your phone.

This is also an interesting designing solution, as you can easily decorate your house with these lights. There are some tips you can use to make your house décor more efficient with these systems.

5 Best LED Coloring Ideas for Creative Minds

It’s not enough to simply install a system, you can use it much more effectively and more interesting. There are many ways to enhance your experience, and you might even create your own ways.

  1. Go on white.
    If you’re thinking to install this system in only one place at first, choose something fairly light. Ideally, you can put a smart bulb in a room with a white wall, so you can mix and splash your colors. Using that in a dark room won’t produce such a bright result.
  2. Mind your colors.

Color psychology is a real thing, so you have to treat is respectively. The blue color can make you hungry, so it’s better in your kitchen or dining area. Red tints would be a better choice for your bedroom and study, as blue keeps you awake and makes your eyes work harder.

  1. If you’re working on a tight schedule or dealing with multiple deadlines a day, you need a timer. Sometimes getting it on your phone doesn’t work or you simply miss it. It’s hard to miss a reminder coming from your lights flashing.
  2. There are some alarm apps that wake you up by flashing lights on your flashlight. The same thing can be done with your LED light bulbs, they can flush and wake you up right when you need it.
  3. Calling notification.
    This is also an option for those people who wander off without their phones or don’t like checking their answering machine. These notifications caused by flashing lights will make you check your phone from time to time.

There are many benefits that come from installing smart LED lights. You can greatly save your money, even though switching your whole house to this system can be quite an investment. And you also get an aesthetical side of these. This system allows you fully control your colors and brightness, making you in charge of your mood and atmosphere. This is a fully sophisticated solution for those people who want to be able to change the decoration and appearance of their house really fast.