We host a home decoration and interior exhibition and are genuinely passionate about décor. We believe in a power of example that can inspire, teach and explain much better than any words and lectures. This is why we created our exhibition to show you the best pieces and ways to decorate your house with bright examples.

How Our Exhibition Is Different

We treat our job really seriously and try to find the best items and decoration examples. This passion and care that we bring with us are of the most important things that makes us different, but there are more.

  • It’s real.
    We try to make it as realistic as possible because it resonates the most with our audience.
  • You can find those items in your store.
    We use the simplest materials in many cases, so most likely you can find something similar in your local store if you’re inspired by our décor.
  • We work for you.
    We are always eager to listen to your opinions and deal with any questions and requests. We try to help you build your better life in your house, to inspire you and show the perks of the right decoration, so your opinion is valued.

Home Decor Styles

Even though each person’s house is unique, most of those fit into some category. We try to showcase each one of these, so you can find bits and pieces at our exhibition.

  • American craftsman.
    This is what you’re going to see when you enter a well-built house where people focus more on casualness. It has a lot of pieces and creates lovely patterns.
  • Light, airy, golden, navy and decorated with sea-themed objects – all of these is about coastal style.
  • It’s usually defined by some bold colors, certain palette, sleek lines and metal.
  • It’s not simply rustic, it’s charming and elegant. With flowery patterns and a little bit of vintage, it turns amazing.
  • Décor here is defined by the lack of it and simple color palettes as well as polished furniture.

We deal with many styles and types of décor, especially the ones our audience is most interested in. We hope that together we can really change your lives and empower more people with tools for decoration and change.